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चाचा चौधरी का दिमाग कम्पुटर से भी तेज चलता है !

चाचा चौधरी

दोस्तों  हममे से ऐसा कौन है , जिसने चाचा चौधरी को नहीं पढ़ा है .चाचा चौधरी संभवतः भारत के सबसे लोकप्रिय कार्टून चरित्रों में से एक हैं। इनके रचयिता है- कार्टूनिस्ट प्राण कुमार शर्मा जिन्हें प्राण के नाम से जाना जाता है। एक बार प्राण साहब ने सोचा की क्यों ना एक भारतीय कोमिक्स पात्र बनाया जाए , एक बुड्ढा जो अपने तेज दिमाग से चुटकियों मे समस्याओं को हल कर दे ! और इस तरह १९७१ मे चाचा चौधरी ने सफ़ेद कागज़ पर जन्म लिया !
चाचा चौधरी की बीवी का नाम 'चन्नी चाची 'है। इनके कोई बच्चे नहीं हैं पर इसी कॉमिक दुनिया के पात्र, 'बिल्लू' और 'पिंकी' चाचा चौधरी के बच्चों सामान ही हैं। चाचा चौधरी का साथी है साबू, जो जूपिटर ग्रह का निवासी है और जिसका शरीर दैत्याकार है । साबू को एक तरह से चाचा जी का बेटा कहा जा सकता है ।
चाचा चौधरी का एक कुत्ता भी है, 'राकेट' नाम का. इसके बारे में कॉमिक-सीरीज में लिखा गया है की "चाचा चौधरी का कुत्ता स्लर्प स्लर्प दूध पीता है". ये कुत्ता किसी ख़ास नस्ल का नहीं है, पर फिर भी कई बार चाचा चौधरी के काम आया है।
कई बार चाचा जी की पगड़ी भी कमाल दिखा देती है ।
इनके प्रमुख दुश्मन पात्र हैं गोबर सिंह, राका आदि ।

Chacha Chaudhary is a very popular Indian comic book character, created by cartoonist Pran .The comic comes in ten Indian languages including Hindi and English and has sold almost ten million copies. It has also been made into a television series with Raghuvir Yadav playing the lead role of Chacha Chaudhary.
Once cartoonist Pran struck upon an idea of a wise oldman who solves problems with his sharp intellect. Thus CHACHA CHAUDHARY was born in 1971. Tall and robust SABU, who is an inhabitant of planet Jupiter, gave Chaudhary an ideal company. A combination of wisdom and strength was formed to tackle any difficult task. It is said that " Chacha Chaudhary's brain works faster than a computer". Though both fight the criminals and tricksters, each episode ends with a touch of humour. The duo perform in lighter vein. 
The CHAUDHARY family consists of his wife Bini, a fat sharp tongue woman, Sabu, Rocket - the dog and Dag- Dag, an old truck who is half human- half machine. 
Do you know, CHACHA CHAUDHARY'S brain works faster than computer?
The man who created that block-buster series is none other than PRAN, who is considered as the father of Indian comics, because he was the one who in 1960, created first indigenous cartoon strips having Indian characters and based on local themes. Before that all comics were imported from foreign countries.
Maurice Horn, the editor of World Encyclopaedia of comics, has described him in his book, as Walt Disney of India.(page 42. 1999 edition) More than 2 million readers all over the country regularly enjoy the exploits of his famous characters - CHACHA CHAUDAHRY, SABU, SHRIMATIJI, PINKI, BILLOO, RAMAN and CHANNI CHACHI etc; which are published in 10 different languages all over India. Entertaining generation after generation, PRAN'S comics have been constant companion of every youngster's growing up. His all character are drawn from middle class society. He has so far published more than 500 titles and a number of newspapers regularly carry his features.
His comics CHACHA CHAUDHARY has been adapted for a TV Serial which was telecast up to 600 episodes on India's premier channel, Sahara ONE. That is countries first serial based on Indian comics. Humor is the base of all his stories. "If I could put a smile on the face of people, I would consider my life successful", he says. Apart from that his comics always has a social massage to convey.


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